The Complete Solution:

Create Courses

Easily assemble your own course from existing materials online, including video, audio, pdf and website links.


Need someone to watch your kids during the day? We have a growing list of locations with safe, socially distanced environments that also provide physical fitness and socialization with other kids throughout the day.


Don’t do all the work yourself. Re-use and customize course material other teachers have already put together for your subject.


Know how your child is doing throughout the day, and receive alerts from teachers and staff. Find out what topics they need extra help with, and connect with tutors. Our parental reports give you insight into your children’s experience.


Create small quizzes throughout the process to know right away which students need help in a topic.


Eye tracking and Facial recognition to know when students are present. Give credit only for times they attended and paid attention. Works with any other educational tool, too.

This app addresses today's teaching challenges.

In the last few years, distance learning has become a reality across much of the world. A huge number of people have moved from in-person interactions to largely online communication. Learning, in particular, has transitioned.

What impact will this have?

All this means that individual teachers will be looking for alternative ways to organize their courses and make money teaching. It is projected that 320,000 teaching jobs may be cut across the USA

More Teachers

There are many teachers who don’t belong to a school or university, including Yoga teachers, Talmudic teachers, and a myriad other subjects.

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Here's the plan.

The Teaching App will lower the barrier for teachers to create and monetize courses. Anyone can leverage the Web to share their expertise and create a course, and there will be a marketplace of courses and topics.


The Teaching app will let teachers get paid in a straightforward manner, which will become very important in these uncertain times. Each course will consist of multiple sessions, and students will pay to attend each session ahead of time.


Social gamification deployed in the app will help encourage students to make progress in the course, and pay for subsequent sessions.


The teaching app follows a clean & simple design philosophy, with a focus on quick course creation, easy invite processes and clear monetization. We will regularly push UI/UX improvements throughout the app's life cycle, but the focus will always be on ease of course creation and ease of course signups.

Taking a closer look at the Teaching App

The teaching app has a clean, easy to navigate user interface, with more updates on the way. The flow is simple, effective and quick, helping teachers sign up, create courses, invite students, and get paid per session, per student.

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