Qbix, Inc.

The Teaching app is a project launched by Qbix, Inc. As a partner in the venture, Qbix will take care of all app development and maintenance. It will also help bring the initial users to the app.

The company is welcoming partners to help finance the initial development and release of the app, and share in the profits and subsequent rounds of funding.

Qbix founded in 2011, and has released apps that have attracted over 8 million users across the globe. Qbix builds open source technology to empower people and unite communities. Today, most of the community software we all use is locked behind server farms owned by large corporations like Facebook and Google. Whenever we need to connect, communicate and collaborate, we rely on these corporations to manage our data, identity and brand.

If they don’t support certain features, we just have to work around it and hope one day they will support them. They hold all the power in the relationship and can extract rents or deplatform people altogether.

The Qbix Platform makes it much easier to build, release and maintain applications like the one described here. It takes care of many features an app on their store, enhance their existing website, and more. Everything works across all devices, taking advantage of features like push notifications, real-time updates, videoconferencing, touch interfaces and more. The Platform consists of a growing number of reusable software components that can be assembled to build complex apps, and they all work seamlessly together.

It is this re-usability that allows the Company to increase its profit margins year after year.

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